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New colour available in Canada – Nutmeg!

New colour available in Canada – Nutmeg!


  1. corkyrooroo

    Weird time of year to release a color in that shade

  2. silvercreekris

    I’m waiting for sea salt. Hoping it comes here as it’s my fav!

  3. plmzaq92

    Meh. I want fun colours not such muted neutrals

  4. pinkcouture1

    Omg so beautiful

  5. beachmedic23

    That’s not what nutmeg looks like…..

  6. phoenixdate

    I’m so tired of the browns and dark colors we’re getting in North America. I want the bright colors and pastels they get in Asia.

  7. van_Niets

    This looks a lot like my Oyster color set.

  8. beefybroth

    I was so excited for a bright colour and we got shafted. US gets agave and nectar… we get toilet water brown 😓

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