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Not so shiny anymore after one use. Is this normal?

Not so shiny anymore after one use. Is this normal?


  1. chulzle

    Just dirty – you didn’t clean it all the way 🙂

  2. Danielle082

    Mine did the same. No matter how much I scrub, it doesn’t go away.

  3. corkyrooroo

    Very normal

  4. TableAvailable

    Hot water, baking soda, dish soap and a nonstick safe scrubby sponge.
    Or you can try using Dawn PowerWash spray on a dry pan with the scrubby sponge dampened in hot water. (I only use the spray when it’s really horrible)

    I like to let it soak for an hour or so until the water cools down and then wash.

    You’ll get the hang of it, but there is a learning curve.

  5. Doesn’t look fully cleaned. Hit it with some baking soda, dish soap, hot water and some elbow grease with a gentle, non-abrasive sponge or plastic brush.

  6. 21plankton

    I use barkeepers friend after I wash it like I do on my stainless and other pots to get the hard water buildup off. Every so often I have to use Lime Away as well.

  7. blueberryfinn

    When mine gets like this I pour about an inch of white vinegar into it and let it soak, the rinse it out. That seems to make it shiny again for me and it’s really easy.

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