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Pans buckling on gas stove?

I really want to buy a couple of Le Creuset enamel casseroles, but before I splash out, I was hoping that someone could maybe put my mind at ease re the following?

My old flatmate had a LC stainless steel casserole which he used all the time on a gas stove. He then moved to a place with an induction stove and the casserole didn’t heat properly from the induction. He reckons it is because the bottom of the pan buckled a bit from the naked flame of the gas hob. Has anyone experienced this / heard similar stories? I’m a bit concerned because I currently have a gas stove but it’s possible that I will move somewhere with an induction stove in the future and don’t want to end up with an expensive piece of kitchenware that I can’t properly use.


  1. CalZeta

    The only way a pan will “buckle” is if it warps, from getting wayyy too hot or heating too quick. So long as you’re using them the way they’re intended, you will be fine.

  2. Middle_Name-Danger

    Generally speaking, the enameled cast iron won’t warp. The stainless steel and enameled steel might.

  3. muppetteer

    I’ve got loads of Le Creuest cast iron and I have an induction hob. It’s fine, there’s no problem at all.

    Enamelled cast iron can’t really warp much. The enamel is essentially glass in structure, it’s why it can chip, crack and fracture. If your old flatmate got a cast iron casserole hot enough to make the cast iron properly warp, they probably would have melted the enamel too. It would have needed to be furnace hot.

    Under normal domestic use, if the cast iron does warp, the enamel shatters first. If you ever see used Le Creuset with crazing across the enamel, the cast iron has warped by a fraction of mm and damaged the enamel. But, it’s still useable and shouldn’t affect its ability to heat up.

  4. cheesie_bumpers

    Not sure if a casserole dish is meant to be used on a stove top.

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