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Patina question

Patina question


  1. djlee700

    So my roommate used my piece to cook kalbi (Korean short rib) last night without proper heat management. He ended burning up most of the sauce onto the pan which I got off with simmering and brushing a few times. I got off the rest of this morning, and this was left over.
    It’s almost imperceptible to touch and there is no texture to it. Is this patina that actually seeps into the pan? I wasn’t sure since it’s a relatively newer pan and previously no other foods left such an aesthetic mark.

    There are a few spots that probably is still burnt on but I will probably just get to it another day.

    Functionally should still be fine correct?

  2. X8xRavenx8X

    If that was the result of several nights of cooking then I would say probably just patina. But, it seems a but much for a single meal. What do you normally cook? Meat, fat, veggies, etc. If you aren’t cooking alot of fatty foods, the patina will be very slow. Because that is what is happening. Polarizing fat.

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