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Please help me make a decision on my first LC purchase

Been lurking here for a few months doing research since I’m in the market for a new Dutch oven after decluttering my old, cheapo stainless steel one. A few questions:

1. I live in an Asian country without LC stores, so I’m buying mine from a group-buy service. What would this mean for me if I need to use the warranty? Shipping the pot to and from the US/France would probably cost as much as a new pan so this is the biggest factor that’s making me hesitate. Are there LC stores in Asia (Japan and South Korea come to mind) that would help me process my claim (receive my old pot and ship a new one out from their end)? I don’t think the seller I’ll buy it from will help me with the RMA since they’re a small, indie shopping service.

2. Related to #1, do you really need to send in the old pot to make a warranty claim? I’ve read different things here. 

3. Is the 5.5qt round DO too big for one person? I cook just for myself and I’ll be using the oven for one-pot meals, pasta, roasts, soups and stews. I originally thought 4.5qt would be a better size for me but I’ve fallen in love with Agave and it’s only available in 5.5qt and 7.5qt. I don’t have a runner-up color yet (maybe Deep Teal or Marble). Knowing myself too, if I don’t get my first choice, I’ll continue obsessing about the one that got away lol. Getting two ovens is out of the question due to money, space and storage constraints. Would anyone know if more round DO size options in Agave will be added in the future? I’m willing to wait to get something I’ll truly love. 

Thanks everyone.


  1. veggiesushiroll

    I can’t help too much, since I know little about these services. But I will say from my personal experience, LC is well made and, while the warranty is nice to have, I’ve never needed to use it, especially on any cast iron products. At this point, I think any damage would be done by me and therefore not covered by the warranty anyway. That being said, I did feel more comfortable making my first purchase because of the warranty, so I understand the hesitation!

    As far as the size goes, I have a 5.5 that I use to cook for 2 people. I think it’s great, but almost always make enough for leftovers. It’s the perfect all around piece and I love having the ability to make larger meals, bake bread, etc. However, I want to get a smaller one for when I’m making smaller portions because I personally find that it just doesn’t cook right unless I fill it to a certain point.

    This is all just personal experience, but hopefully it helps!

  2. BrEdwards1031

    From what I’ve seen they don’t necessarily require you to send it in for the warranty. I know Japan has its own Le Creuset website/pieces, they probably have stores/distribution there so you wouldnt necessarily need to send it to the US/France, but I can’t say for certain as I don’t live there. That being said, if you’re moderately careful with it, they’re sturdy pieces and you’re unlikely to have any major issues.

    Depending on volume, the 5.5 isn’t too big. Plus having a size a little larger gives you some versatility in case you want to make larger amounts or larger things, like the 5.5 will fit a whole chicken in it or other large items. I personally don’t feel like its a big deal to not use all the volume of it every time, but having the option is always nice.

  3. 007meow

    Braiser or Sauteuse would be a good first purchase, if you can get it.

    I don’t think there’s a smaller sized Agave Braiser, but you can get an Agave Sauteuse.

  4. nooooooveeeee

    For #1: []( ships globally, you’ll pay the duties and taxes as a deposit and the shipping rate depends on your total purchases. LC Japan has a very wonderful collection of pots and dinnerware. Another one I know is purchasing through the official LC store on Tmall (authorized stores on Taobao). Taobao has its official international shipping services, but I know nothing about the duties and taxes.

  5. GeneralRuckus81

    I have personally used the warranty program. I still have my broken pan. It is a 4.25 qt oval DO and I plan on putting it on display once I figure out how to display my cast iron collection. The pan could still be used to bake bread, but I dont want it to break all the way. The crack has grown over the years. It is about half way down the side now. The pan was a gift and LC never asked for anything but pictures.

  6. Shart_Tart

    I just used the warranty service. All I had to do was send some pictures and LeCreuset is sending me a new one without needing to send the old one in. I did provide them with my US address which may be an issue for you

  7. garythepitbull

    As a person who enjoys cooking, preserving, and eating leftovers, no, a 5.5 is not too big, and I wouldn’t think it’s big enough. But depends on what your making, eating the next day or 2, and freezing. If you don’t do those things, 5.5 should be fine. I’d start with an 8qt minimum. Better to have more space, that not enough.
    Btw, I started with the 13qt (30cm) pot 25 years ago, for two people. Still used often.
    And don’t accidentally knock it off the counter. Bad things happen

  8. mosquitomange

    I cook for 1-2 people and the 3.5qt sauteuse is perfect, even when I’m making enough portions for leftovers. Unless you’re cooking large roasts or whole chickens/ducks, I don’t think you need more than 3.5qt. If you love agave, definitely go for it though 🙂 My le creuset lives on my stove and it’s definitely part of my kitchen decor, so color does matter haha.

  9. I cook for 2 most of the time. For my first LC piece I purchased the 6.75 qt wide round. I have no regrets. It gives me plenty of surface for braising meat for stew. I also use it for making artisan bread.

  10. VeeNa1880

    I have the Agave soup pot which was my first LC purchase because I also love Agave. It’s 4.5 quarts which might work for you. I love it!

  11. agerber395

    I actually don’t have a DO but I currently have a 11 3/4” skillet, stock pot, sauce pan, 8×8, 9×13, and a 3.5 q braiser. The skillet was my first piece. It is awesome and more versatile than I thought. The braiser is another good starter piece IMO!

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