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Question about le creuset mugs

How is the quality? I’m looking at the sorbet collection mug set off fb marketplace currently. Do you think they’d be worth it at $25 for 6 mugs? Thanks in advance.


  1. imnewhere19

    I recently bought some at an outlet and they definitely seem “sturdy”. Definitely solid quality. I’ll say that $25 for 6 mugs is definitely worth it. I’ve been using them in the morning with my Keurig. 10-oz is fine. It probably could fit 12-oz but seems like that would be “pushing it” in terms of liquids (I also add cream and sugar) in case you’re curious about the size. Good deal though!

    That also works out to about $4.15-ish per mug. I’d justify that by saying I would have no problem paying that much for much cheaper quality mugs, may as well get something decent.

  2. blackcatspurplewalls

    I have some of the “original” shape 12 oz mugs, and I love them. Mine are about 6-8 years old and were my daily use mug until one of my cats learned the “fun” game of knocking over mugs and I had to switch to sealed travel containers.

    They are sturdy, the handle is comfortable, and they retain heat nicely to keep beverages warm a little longer. They are so nice that I replaced all my other mugs with the LC mugs.

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