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Question on “Matt Black” VS “Satin Black” enamel

So I have this piece of documentation on the previous generation of black enamel finishes (Matt Black) used on the interiors of skillets. It explicitly recommends seasoning (as how one would do with bare cast iron) the cooking surface before first use. As I understand it, the current series of cookware that come with black enameled interiors call it “Satin Black”. My question is to whether or not they’re basically the same thing, and if the seasoning approach can be applied to the newer Satin Black enamel interiors as well?

To provide context: it’s not absolutely essential for me to get a primo non-stick function with my LC skillet (I have a De Buyer CS pan that fulfills this beautifully). But having the option to pre-build a few layers of polymerized oil before frying up something delicate isn’t too shabby.

Much thanks in advance!

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  1. TableAvailable

    No seasoning for Le Creuset. [Le Creuset (if you need to change the country, scroll to the bottom of the page)](

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