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Rice Pot or Dutch Oven for Oatmeal?

What would be a better choice to make oatmeal for 1-2 people. I’m looking at the 2L rice pot or the 3L Dutch oven?


  1. Michento

    I haven’t used a rice pot yet, but my 1.5 QT DO works great for small servings of oatmeal. I’ve made steelcut oats in it several times. It’s definitely big enough to make oats for 2, so your 3L would definitely be roomy enough.

    TBH, I feel like the rice pot is simply a new design created for the look appeal. I have doubts its performance will really be drastically different from a small DO. However, like I said, I haven’t used one yet.

  2. chompsharpley

    Any pot will do. Promise!

  3. whitemaltese

    I’ve been using 18cm round casserole pot for oatmeal. It’s perfect size. The rice pot one is way too small.

  4. CalZeta

    Unpopular opinion on this sub, but stainless. No need to use cast iron for something so quick and simple like oatmeal or pasta. It will take longer and you have to be careful what utensils to use… Just use stainless and be done with it in 5 minutes.

  5. clap_yo_hands

    I never got a rice pot but I have both sizes of saucepans. The smaller size is 1 3/4 quarts and it’s perfect for 2 portions of oatmeal. I preferred the saucepans because they have the long handle. The rice pot just has such a stubby handle it didn’t seem easy to use for something that requires stirring like oatmeal.

  6. parkerluna

    I love my rice pot for rice. Absolutely love it. It makes rice better than any rice cooker I’ve owned. But I don’t like it for oatmeal. I use my small Dutch oven for steel cut oats.

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