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Round or Oval DO?

Are there any pros/cons in deciding between round and oval DOs? Is there a downside to getting the oval? I was thinking oval could fit more bread/braising/ect.


  1. dealsme15

    What size?

  2. 99Sienna

    Since I use mine on a gas stove top, I prefer the round because I can center it on the burner. And, I love the oval for roasting chicken etc in an oven. So for me the main considerations are what am I cooking and what is the cook stove situation? I go from there to choose round or oval DO.

  3. veggiesushiroll

    For me personally, the round is more useful day to day. As others have said, it fits better on the stovetop and cooks more evenly. I find that my bread cooks better in the round as well. I’ve also found that the 5.5 can fit quite a lot when roasting/braising in the oven, which was a concern for me when I got my first piece! Hope this helps!

  4. HairLikeBobRoss


  5. supershinythings

    It’s a religious thing and a matter of preference. I own both and love both.

    I do find that using ovals makes it easier to fit more items on the stovetop because I can angle them. In contrast, the round ones cover the circular burner nicely but there’s no way to orient them if things are in the way of other things.

  6. OpossomMyPossom

    Get the Round Wide DO at 6.75qt and you get the best of both worlds

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