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Sizes for first?

Hi, looking for assistance. I make 1 pot wonders that last me 4 days or around 6 meals. What sized pot should I 9nvest in? My burners won’t take oval shapes. Between 5.7L and 6.1L pot. Planning on getting a 3.3L, 4.2L and 2.2L

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  1. TableAvailable

    If you want a Dutch Oven, for deep liquidy cooks, then get the 5.5 quart (26cm) or 7.25 quart.
    If you do mostly less liquidy, you may want to look at a braiser in the 3.5quart (30cm) or even 5 quart size.

    I make recipes that would feed 6-8 in a 30cm braiser (chicken & rice, shepherds pie)
    I have a 5.5 quart (26 cm) Dutch Oven that works well for most of my stew recipes 6-8, but isn’t large enough for some of my 8 serving soup recipes.

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