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Thank you to u/KTFU for the inspiration :)

Thank you to u/KTFU for the inspiration 🙂


  1. OhGod0fHangovers

    The ones u/KTFU made were much [prettier](, but I swear my kids like their marshmallows a little charred 😄

  2. BonnieMSM

    Reminds me of making cinnamon toast for my kid back in the day. She knew the first attempt would be blackened and would be thrown away. The second attempt was perfect.

  3. saltybruise

    I’m on my way over.

  4. BonnieMSM

    Just saw that today is Toasted Marshmallow Day! How timely of you.

  5. 9021Ohsnap

    This is so cute!!!

  6. EntrepreneurOk7513

    Looks like u/KTFU used jumbo marshmallows.

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