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Thrift store find. Never seen this pattern. Any info appreciated. Thank you!

Thrift store find. Never seen this pattern. Any info appreciated. Thank you!


  1. tannergd1


  2. ijustsailedaway

    Oooh. I’ve never seen that.

  3. supershinythings

    LC sells different colors and patterns in different markets. It’s possible this one was purchased in some other country, and made its way to yours when its owner(s) moved about or passed it down.

    Many patterns and colors are only available in, say, Japan, or Great Britain, or Canada, that aren’t available in the US. Sometimes you can find them for sale on ebay or etsy.

    LC will also do one-off special patterns for a single vendor so they can differentiate. They’ll also permit a single vendor to monopolize custom colors.

    For instance, Bloomingdales had the LC with the star constellations – Cosmos 4.5 qt round – it had the coolest stars applique! You couldn’t get that anywhere else, and I’ve never seen it in any outlet store.

    Anyway… this one looks to be in great shape! Nice find, and a unique conversation piece for sure! Be sure to make something and serve it on the table still in its LC. It’s a vintage showpiece.

  4. Heidiwearsglasses

    The un-enamled bottom pots were produced in the 1980’s, that pattern looks very early 80’s also. I don’t have any info beyond that though. Pretty!

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