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What do the skillet do that the braiser cannot?

Hey guys! I have quite a le creuset collection going on! I own several sizes of Dutch ovens and braisers. I own one sauteuse. I also have some other things like a heart cocotte, some of the stoneware baking dishes, etc. I have never ventured into the cast iron enameled skillets.

Is there anything they are very good for that braisers don’t excel at? I use my 3.5 quart braiser pretty much daily for most of my cooking. The only thing it doesn’t do super well is breakfast items like sausage, eggs, pancakes, etc. I don’t use much liquid when I do these things, I do use some oil, but it seems to stain/burn the pan. I end up pulling out my nonstick because it just becomes more of a pain than it needs to be. Other than that, most meals do fine in the braiser!


  1. chuckie_cnote

    I’ve done cornbread, brownies and pizzas in the cast iron skillet. Also, good for searing.

  2. whatrpeople


  3. TableAvailable

    I do eggs in the skillet. I recently did a Dutch Baby in it. Cornbread. I did a quick bread with olive in it.
    I have a 3.5 braiser, like you and a 10.25″ skillet. I do use the braiser like a bigger skillet, but there are some recipes that scale better for the smaller skillet.

    Going a step in the other direction, I just bought the paella pan to use as a giant skillet/griddle/pizza pan.

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