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What is the purpose of the long handle on the cassadou?

I don’t like long handles because it makes the pieces hard to store in the cabinet. I realize when using a skillet some people like to use the handle so they can jiggle the pan to flip things but with a deep saute pan you would never do that. So how is there any benefit to having a long handle like that? I only see a downside.


  1. 99Sienna

    I sometimes hold onto the long handle while stirring; keeps the hand/arm out of the way of the heat. It also gives me a little more control while I’m stirring, especially if I’m stirring something thick and heavy.

  2. sammichsogood

    Ooh that mint though.

  3. CalZeta

    Different tools with different advantages. Like cast iron chicken fryer vs dutch oven. Sure they can do the same job, but they are slightly different still.

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