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What size Dutch oven should I get?

I’ve seen differing size guides for Dutch ovens and what size you should get based on how many people you’d serve. We are a family of 4, my husband and I and a 7 and 3 year old. We plan to have 1 more kid, so I will be most likely cooking for 5. Is the 4.5pt big enough? I want it to be big enough that it’s practical for me to be able to use it for the most things possible, but also don’t want to just go big for the sake of going big because I’m a pretty small person and stuff gets heavy fast when it’s full of food. Thanks in advance!


  1. Middle_Name-Danger

    America’s Test Kitchen loves the 7.25qt size because it’s so versatile. I just bought the 6.75qt round wide because of the sale price, it’s essentially the same but an inch shorter.

  2. One_Pot_Man

    I have 3.5 qt Sauteuse (The same diameter as the 4.5 but shorter) a 5.5 qt and a 9 qt

    The 4.5 qt will be very versatile but it will not be enough for many servings.

    If you are going to buy only 1 piece I would go one step up to the 5.5 qt. It can make more servings and it is not substantially heavier than the 4.5.

    If you plan to buy more than one piece I would go with a 4.5 and a 7.25.

    Basically you will need to answer yourself a few questions.

    “Do I need to cook big pieces of meat and lots of servings?”

    “Am I going to buy more than one DO?”

    And sometimes the available sales can influence your choice. 🙂

  3. dealsme15

    If you’re starting your collection I would start with the 5.5 quart round Dutch oven. The next piece I would get would be the 3.5 quart braiser and then later if you need something bigger then 6.75 quart oval Dutch oven.

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