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What utensils do you use to serve from the dutch oven?

Iā€™m making a pot roast tonight but all my serve-ware is metal, like my serving spoons and forks etc. How am i supposed to cut the roast without removing it from the dutch oven? Any recommendations?


  1. ilovecheeeeese

    Anything but metal. I use wood, silicone, and nylon.

  2. TableAvailable

    Use what you have, but don’t cut in the DO.
    If you aren’t constantly scraping, you won’t hurt it. You’ll likely see a bit of metal transfer (gray lines) where your utensils came in contact with the enamel. It will fade in time if you aren’t always using metal utensils.

    Basically, use a spoon or tongs for serving and when you get a chance, get some non metallic utensils for serving.

  3. GirlGirl21

    Get silicon

  4. whatrpeople

    Buy wood or silicon cooking tools

  5. ToesInHiding

    I have a mix of silicon le cruset and tovolo informal Serveware for when Iā€™m scooping stuff directly from my le cruset. Otherwise I have my formal items when things are on platters.

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