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Which colors complement Flame?

I’ve been loyal to Flame but now want to diversify. I bought an agave frying pan from WS, but I’m second guessing myself because Agave has such limited selection. I have an 8qt oval, 7 qt round 3.5qt oval, 4.5 qt chef’s pan, a 3.25 qt saucepan and a 9.3/4 skillet in Flame. I’m looking to get either a 5.5 or 6.5 qt deep round, an 8qt stock pot and maybe a multifunction pan, none of which come in agave. What colors would complement flame? I’d love to see some pictures of flame with other colors. Thanks.


  1. extrabigcomfycouch

    Agave is soooo pretty! Too bad it doesn’t come in more sizes.

    The opposite colour to orange is blue, so I would think blueberry or teal would compliment, but I think Sage is really pretty if you want to go lighter.

  2. casadevaraj

    All the blues, particularly Agave.. And oyster

  3. cris-cris-cris

    Orange is a mix of red and yellow on the color wheel. I’d say get cerise and/or nectar.

  4. yuhuhuhuhuhu

    I literally have 2 cerise dutch ovens, 2 flames of wok and grill pan, and a lapis braisser. I must say the braisser looks… different than the others but a pretty still

  5. dealsme15

    Cerise and nectar. Look at this picture to see how well they go with flame:

    Consider getting a braiser either the 3.5 quart or 5-quart. If you get the 3.5 quart you can also get the 12 inch = 30 cm glass lid. It makes a great stovetop everyday pan with the glass lid and a braiser to use in the oven with the cast iron lid. The bottom is great for roasting chicken, you pre-heat it in the oven and then put the chicken in breast side up, the hot pan accelerates the dark meat cooking so that the dark meat finishes before the white meat dries out. You can of course put vegetables and potatoes around the chicken to make a whole meal.

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