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White enamel pan or dark enamel skillet?

Hi all, I’m expecting to get my first Le Creuset piece for Christmas this year and am looking for a skillet/pan. I know they have the signature skillet which has curved edges and a dark enamel interior, but I think I’ve seen a more traditional looking cast iron pan that was much deeper with higher edges (similar to lodge’s style of pans) and a white interior.

Which pan should I try to look for? Is the white interior pan still being made? I’d have to other online since the closet Le Creuset outlet store is 6-8 hours away from me. Thanks in advance.

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  1. VStarRoman

    I’ve recently seen Le Creuset skillets at the outlets with both the light color enamel and black color enamel. Personally, I like deep skillets so that’s what I’d recommend looking for.

    On a side note, keep an eye out for the Factory-to-Table sales that Le Creuset is has. You might find a greater variety of options and for a nicer price as well 🙂 The outlet near me answers the phones regarding what their inventory is and pricing. In addition, my outlet started a Factory-to-Table sale last Friday.

    Hope you enjoy once you get your first piece!

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